Feeling Homey... and Tired

A bitch is tired. Can you tell?

I may not move from this spot for a while. Shopping is exhausting, for me anyways. Not fun shopping, but for plants, furniture and crap. I *think* my beach house is finally done, for the most part. I snuck in a bit of hair too, just to keep things interesting.

To celebrate, I swung by Cay's at Woodland Lake for some Southern rock and to try out my new dance moves. I met some folks, made a few friends. It was nice to cut loose a little after moving furniture all day.

I managed to lose a chair. I was afraid I'd sent it to a neighbor's parcel, but it hasn't been returned, so I must have deleted it. Thank goodness for Copy.

It's not the first time I've lost furniture. It probably won't be the last.

It's coming together nicely and definitely starting to feel homey.

I hope ya'll are making the best of your Second life. See you soon!

Bento Heads

I spent the better part of the last two days trying on Bento mesh heads. I'm not someone who changes body elements like hair or heck.. even clothes.. very often. I guess I don't like change, which means I was able to see my purchase as an investment. 
At least that's what I told myself. 
Regardless, it was time to let go of the old me, both figuratively and literally. Try something new. 
I read forum posts and reviews and finally decided on Catwa. I think I tried about 5 different styles before settling on the Lilo. I wanted to stay as close to my original look as possible. I'd worked hard on it over the years, after all. The main elements I looked for in a design were the size of the lips (the pouty model look, while beautiful just isn't "me") and the chin/jawline. 
The teeth still sort of freak me out, but I'm getting used to them.
The best advice I can offer to anyone searching is, apply the skin before fiddling too much with the shape. You wouldn…

Making Friends for Anti-Social People

I went shopping for a splashy rock and found a new friend! He needs a name. Suggestions are welcome.

I'm so obsessive when I'm shopping. I think I looked at every rock out there. Some were too big, some were too dry, some looked like a tsunami rolling in. I was concerned none of these would fit, but I think it works.

Plus.. bonus sea lion.

Now when I'm sitting on the beach, talking to myself, I can at least pretend I'm talking to my new bud.

I'm planning to go back for a crow and/or a seagull.


Splashy Rocks and Settling Down

I packed up my little floaty island in the sky and bit the bullet. While out looking for land, I came across an ocean parcel that was quite reasonably priced and decided it was a keeper. I went through three houses and 8 islands before I settled on a design. I couldn't let that view get away. Admittedly, it wasn't perfect. There was a 1024 m dock/dance floor between me and the sunrise. I had a three story monstrosity here at first, over looking the dock, but it was just too much room.
It's just me, ya know?
Also? I bought it furnished and the animations were all screwed up. If I sat in a chair atop the pretty roof deck, the table sliced my head in half.
Not a good look.
So, with a little creative derendering, I have a beautiful sunrise view without having to climb two fecking spiral staircases. I suppose if an event is ever held there again, I can sit on the dock and watch people levitate while they dance.

The furnishings are a little sparse at the moment, but decorating …

The Effects of Gravity and Breathtaking Views

The Lake Tahoe property sold, after I lowered the price a bit. It was my first toe-dip into the land selling business and I had to figure some things out, but I still made decent $L. Fun was had by all when all my objects were returned faster than I could grab them. When my little floaty island disappeared, I was dropped at the feet of the new owner. I think I frightened her.

Occupational hazard I guess.

I have a bid in on a new parcel, details to come!

In other news...

Following the advice of Moz Loordes at A Man for all Seasons, I joined a couple of blogger groups. The chat in one has left me on the edge of my seat as a member tries to snag one of the new Bellisara houseboats. I haven't seen the new abodes yet, other than in the promotional videos. All I know is, I can't wait to check in every so often to see if he's scored one.

I've also been hitting the forums, which was horribly bad timing in light of Linden Labs recent pricing announcement. I'm a little miffe…

Feeling More Homey

I promise this is the last forelorn wagon-on-a-floaty-island pic. I replaced the wagon with a new one. It was discounted, presumably because one of the lights doesn't work. Apparently I'm a Goodwill shopper in SL. It's fewer prims, a plus. The sitting animations were all mucked up on the other one. I can't honestly say if I screwed them up a long time ago or if it came that way, but at least this one is better. I'm not buying anything else!
But it needs a horse, don't you think? I mean, am I expected to strap my wagon to my back and move from place to place? I have an older model AKK horse, but again, ALOT of prims. I need a draft type, with hairy feet, who can just stand there and occasionally move his head or something. Don't worry, I'll plant some grass for it. 

CSI New York, Bear Infohub and The Powers that Be

Back in the day, I used to hang out at Bear Infohub. Friends and I would sit on the wall, causing mischief and meeting new people. We had a blast. It's where we'd meet up before taking off on some adventure, either trying out our new Rudolph shaped ice skates or a serious discussion on the joys and pitfalls of Second Life relationships.

But something changed.

I believe it was around the time that the CSI: New York episode featuring SL aired. The sudden influx of new accounts made Bear inhabitable. The Powers that Be had established a special sim with scenes and clues from the episode. A sim that became so super crowded that IF you managed to get in, you could do little more than stand there and look stupid. General opinion was that the traffic the episode would inspire was greatly underestimated.

The Powers that Be were not prepared.

In case you missed it, here's a clip:

 Anywho, after that fiasco, our little hangout was never the same and we all moved on with our second l…