The Problem with Mesh, Blender and Second Life

Enter "Second  Life" in to any search engine and the same question will eventually pop up.

"How do I make money in Second Life?"

Linden Labs promotes the platform as a way to "Earn Money: Start a business & earn real profits from the virtual world."

There is plenty of money to be made as an escort, real estate flipper, builder or fashionista. And sure, you can be a fashion designer, like the avatar pictured on the front page of the Second Life website.

But to the new user, it's a little misleading.

If you've already mastered Photoshop or Gimp, you can probably manipulate textures well enough to create clothing by purchasing blank mesh items from the Marketplace and applying your own. The same applies to fashion, accessories, furniture... just about anything.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with that, it's a business model that supports the mesh creator and allows more Second Life residents to express their creativity without having t…

Escapades, Rubber Duckies and Whacking Sticks

Today I took a quick tour around Escapades. It's a cute little seaside build with a quirky, monster killing adventure. Anything that involves a whacking stick has to be fun.

I figure, most of you have probably already been, but I'm so behind on things. If I'd stop buying houses, then re-landscaping, then re-decorating I'd probably be up to speed. It's probably for the best. Nicotine withdrawal has me fantasizing about riding naked through an infohub, giving everyone the finger while screaming like a banshee.
It's okay though, I think I finally found someone I can get along with, for the time being.

There Goes The Neighborhood

My neighbors are disappearing. The lot to the south is still for sale, but with new owners. It's still pretty cheap, the buyer only raised the price by L$1000. If they don't sell it fast, they're going to spend more in fees than they'll make. It'll be a deal for someone.

I thought about buying it, it's much larger than what I have, but I'm content with my little plot (and my monthly bill) for now. I'm holding out for the 1024m between me and protected water. I'm hoping it gets abandoned eventually. 

Plus, I've finally sorted out my wandering horse falling in the water. It was a little disturbing to log on and find him chilling on the ocean floor.

The one friendly neighbor I had abandoned her land for a Linden houseboat. I'm happy for her, but I  miss seeing her over there.

There were brief border wars between folks on adjacent parcels. One eventually packed up and left, after the angry returning of property invading prims and ugly border ma…

Exploring Mainland: Part 2

I began my ride along Route 8, clearly marked on these little signs at each junction. As I said before, I assumed I'd find vast abandoned parcels with little or no tasteful builds.

I was so wrong.

While there were large unused parcels, there were more that were beautifully landscaped with comfy  homes.

And pets. Lots and lots of pets!

There were gas stations and GTFO hubs everywhere. GTFO was a mystery to me, one of the newer Second Life games that came along when I was away. After reading up on it, I understood why me and Coal almost ended up as roadkill. Those eighteen wheeler drivers are just like the real thing, whizzing by at breakneck speed.

One hub was a very realistic truck stop, with a car wash, showers, a convenience store and a diner. I think it was "Naughti Gurl's."

While I get the appeal of private sims and places like Bellasaria, I love the quirkiness of mainland. You can be riding along, admiring the city skyline in the distance, then suddenly stumble…

The State of the Mainland and New Old Skills

I've been pretty busy the past few days. I got all of my land holdings auctioned off, so I'm officially done with that little business experiment. I could have made it work, but I don't want to spend all of my time on the grid trying to make a buck. Or a Linden buck. A Luck? Anyway, moving on.
I bought a horse. I had an old AKK model, but I decided it was time for an upgrade. This makes a total of seven, I think, two of which were gifties from SLB16. 
There is no room for horses on my tiny island.
I took my new friend out on an adventure, since I can't seem to make any of the human kind. I picked a roadway on the Mainland and set out to explore. 
Back in the day, before there was mesh and you couldn't spit without hitting a newb, I spent most of my time sitting on a brick wall with my friends, a cockney English bulldog, a Scottish biker, nekos and an alien or two. We'd have deep discussions covering the future of mankind and Second Life. Speculation was that o…

Second Life Blogs: Where Are The Storytellers?

As the sun was setting on Faravari, I thought about my return to Second Life and the changes I've seen thus far. One that was evident early on was the drastic change to blogging culture.

Prior to my return, I set out to search for current sites that could offer me some idea of what to expect. What I found were pages upon pages of beautifully crafted images gracing the latest incarnation of SL blogging, fashion blogs. Not unlike first life magazines, they listed clothing items and the shops where you too could could find the looks being worn by models. I thought it was amazing that shop owners had figured out a way to use social media as a means to market their goods.

What I didn't find were stories of amazing adventures, hidden builds and the day to day life of the average resident. I used to love those tales, they were full of inspiration and shared experiences.

Where did they go?

Deep down, I know they must still be out there, hidden beneath the glistening cleavage and shin…

Easily Entertained

I get so excited when I see moving dots over the ocean on the mini-map. There's barely anyone ever around Faravari, so I run to my deck to check it out, like I've been shipwrecked on a deserted island for six months. With draw distance settings at the max, I still don't see them until they make the turn onto the narrow, protected waterway leading south.

Unless, of course, they run aground on the tiny, neighboring island.

And they do it a lot.

It's the little things that keep me entertained on boring afternoons.